30 Free things for independent artists and labels from Horus Music

Here at Horus Music, we make it our priority to champion independent artists and implement opportunities to help propel those artists careers forward. We offer a wide range of options for distribution and marketing to suit artists of all genres and whatever stage they are at in their career. Did you know that alongside our paid offerings, as a Horus Music client you can benefit from over 30 extra services completely free of charge to further your career as a DIY artist

1. Free Playlist Plug

That’s right Horus Music offer our clients the option of a FREE playlist plug to Apple Music and Spotify! Whether you opt for our subscription service or one-time fixed fee release option, our team can assist with your pitch. All we need is a private listening link and press release two weeks in advance of your release date!

2. Free Vevo Video Pitch

Alongside offering our artists the chance to receive a free playlist plug, we also have the option to pitch your next music video release to Vevo free of charge through our direct partnership. A two-week lead time is required, and our team will request some further details about your upcoming video before carrying out the pitch.

3. Free Metadata Update

We understand that once your release has been delivered to stores, changes can occur such as needing to update credits, release dates and artwork. We offer our clients the option for a free metadata update per month to help accommodate for any unexpected changes to your releases.

4. Access to Claim Profiles on Major Platforms such as Spotify & Apple Music

As an independent artist, we believe it’s exceptionally important to be in control of your music and that’s why we offer support to claim your artist profiles on all major platforms for free! Our team can provide you with links to your new artists pages and assist you with the claiming process.

5. Free delivery to Content ID

Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge you extra to push your music further. With the increasing popularity of content ID services, so long as your music meets the guidelines set out by content ID platforms, we will deliver your releases to these services at no extra cost as part of our standard distribution.

6. UK Chart Registration

We automatically deliver every single release to the UK Official Chart’s free of charge.

7. Label Creation on Beatport

New to dance stores? Don’t want to fall under the Horus Music channel? No problem! Our team will automatically be in touch if you select ‘No existing label’ for Beatport during your upload. At no extra cost to you, we’ll create a new label profile for you, so all your releases are easily located and in one place.

8. Whitelisting

For content ID services, not all artists are happy with claims being placed on their content. That’s why we offer the option to whitelist your channels on Soundcloud, Facebook/Instagram and YouTube to suit your needs and enable you to upload your music when and where you want with no interruptions.

9. Re-mapping of Releases

It is possible if you’re a new artist or don’t include your Spotify and Apple ID’s on the upload process that your release may end up on another artists profile. Similarly, it may be that another artists music ends up on your page by accident. Our team will issue these updates to resolve usually within as little as 48 hours!

10. Syncing Lyrics

Delivering lyrics to digital platforms does require the publishing rights. As Horus Music are just a distributor, we’ve implemented a DIY method through our partnership with 7Digital to enable our artists to deliver and sync their music to all major platforms through Musixmatch at no extra cost. Make sure to check out our blog for further details

11. Upgrading to an OAC

We understand the importance of your professional appearance across platforms and can assist in upgrading your YouTube account to an Official Artist Channel. Instead of having your music spread across your Topic Channel, Vevo channel and your personal channel, our team can merge all 3 to create one ‘Official Artist Channel’ including the infamous music note after your artist name.

12. ISRC’s

Some artists do decide to obtain their ISRC from their PRO in advance of uploading their release. However, should you want to get your ISRC direct from your distributor, all you need to do is leave the ISRC field blank on your upload and we will automatically assign your unique code for free. You can then use these to register your music with your relevant PRO.

13. Barcode’s

Similarly, to ISRC’s, we also offer our artists free barcodes for their release. The same process applies leave the UPC (barcode) field blank on upload and we will automatically generate one for you.

14. Uploading your back catalogue to new store Partnerships

Championing independent artists is at the heart of Horus Music’s ethos and that’s why we don’t charge our clients fees as we grow and expand our partnerships. We’ll let you know via our Newsletter and Social media channels when a new store partnership has been agreed and deliver your back catalogue of releases to these platforms at no extra cost.

15. Royalty Splits for Labels

Especially for labels, royalty split agreements may be in place between the artist and label as per their agreed contract. We offer our labels the option to manually set these royalty splits within their account to make tracking payments easier.

16. Promotion on Social Media and our Newsletter

Our team are always looking out for great new music and as we listen to every single release which is submitted to us. Our distribution department will select their top picks each week for potential inclusion on our Social Media channels and in our monthly newsletter! Every week we shout about new releases and successful marketing campaigns, tagging our artists to help with their exposure. We also select a top track and artist each month to include in our newsletter including links to their music on major platforms to help organically increase your reach to new audiences.

17. Takedowns

As artists grow and develop, so does their musical direction and abilities. Particularly for DIY artists, as you develop a deeper understanding of the industry you may decide to remove some of your older releases to streamline your available music and ‘rebrand’. We don’t charge our clients for taking down their music, all you need to do is contact the distribution team and your content will come down from all stores within two weeks.

18. Custom Service List

We deliver to over 100 + stores worldwide, but we understand you might not want your music available on every single store. We can create a custom service list free of charge to help keep you in control of your music.

19. Pre-Save Links

A pre-save campaign is a highly effective method for generating buzz around your music before your release date hits. If you’re looking to create a pre-save campaign, you can request links to major platforms such as Spotify from our team. We also offer exclusive deals through our direct partnership with Feature FM!

20. Updating your Profiles on Major Platforms

Not all stores offer the option to claim your profile, but it is just as important to make sure your information remains relevant and up to date. We will update your profile images and bio’s where possible on the stores you aren’t able to access. Simply email the distribution team with the necessary assets and we’ll update.

21. Motion Art for Apple Music

Apple recently introduced the ability to add motion art onto your profile and also for your releases. Through our direct partnership, we can add this on for you at no additional cost so you can keep up with the latest trends.

22. Artist Profile Creation on All Platforms

New to the world of digitally distributing your music? Our team automatically create new artist profiles across all digital platforms when you deliver your releases through us. As mentioned earlier, if your music lands on a different artist page, don’t worry! We can resolve and create a new profile for you.

23. Consideration for further opportunities

We’re always looking for new ways to support our artists and carefully monitor our client’s progress. If you’re gaining traction across digital platforms and growing in popularity, our team may be in contact to offer you new opportunities such as joining our Custom Music Tools service, artist advances and even live performance opportunities.

24. Honest and Professional advice over the phone and email

Unlike our competitors, we don’t operate on a ticketed contact system. Our distribution inbox is closely monitored by our team who aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours. Looking for a more detailed discussion? You can give our team a call direct to go through your queries!

25. Free Distribution for Charity Releases

Looking to raise some money through the power of music for your cause? Or perhaps you’re an artist working alongside a registered Charity hoping to use your talents to give back to those in need? Horus Music offer FREE audio distribution for charity releases including 100% of all royalties paid directly to your chosen Charity. For more info, take a look at our step-by-step guide to releasing a Charity single

26. Shazam/Soundcloud Fingerprinting

Similar to content ID services, we don’t charge our clients for Shazam/Soundcloud fingerprinting. This is automatically included in your delivery should your release meet the requirements set out by stores!

27. YouTube Monetization

We automatically monetize any content we deliver on your behalf! Benefit from YouTube monetization to maximise your royalty earnings through Horus Music.

28. Access to our online webinars

We regularly host a variety of in-person and online events including webinars across our Horus Music locations, offering free access to many of our learning-based activities. Keep an eye on our socials and Newsletter to catch the next event near you!

29. Transferring your back catalogue from another Distributor

Looking to switch over to Horus Music from another distributor? We won’t charge you any extra to switch your back catalogue over no matter the size! We welcome clients of all calibres and genres and will assist you in a smooth transfer ensuring to minimise stream count and playlist placement loss. For further details check out our guide to transferring your catalogue.

30. Pre-Order Set Up

Many artists aren’t aware that there is a difference between pre-orders and pre-saves. A Pre-Order refers to download stores, whilst a pre-save is available only for streaming platforms. If you add a pre-order date on your upload, we’ll automatically create a pre-order for you for stores such as Apple Music. To obtain your link, you can contact our distribution team or alternatively go to your artist page where you should be able to see the latest pre-order info for your upcoming release.

Horus Music are a one stop shop for independent artists; we have something available for everyone. With so many free perks included within our standard service, take control of your music, and get in touch with our team today! Email alr@horusmusic.co.uk or call and speak to our distribution team on (0)116 253 0203.