Anara Publishing Officially Launches

Remember in June when Horus Music’s Director of Publishing, Deborah Smith, announced they were expanding our sync network? After almost eight months of endless hard work, we can now proudly announce that Anara Publishing has been officially launched.

More About Anara Publishing

Anara Publishing is our sister company which focusses completely on music publishing. With a wide roster that includes independent artists, composers and songwriters, they will pitch songs for sync opportunities in movies, television, advertising and video games.

With strong links to India, Anara Publishing has taken it’s name from the Hindi word for ‘powerful’ or ‘complete’. The name proved to be a perfect fit for their unique and growing roster of artist which currently consists of traditional and contemporary world music. When asked about this, Deborah added that “having a handpicked roster means that we work with artists we truly believe in and that we are focused on finding the best opportunities. I’m excited to be expanding into the world of music publishing and to showcase these amazing artists to the world.”

It’s well known that publishing can be very difficult, so Anara aim to make it easier for artists to take the next big step in their career. Anara Publishing will also take care of the administration as well as liaising with collection societies so artists receive the performance and mechanical royalties they’re entitled to. This way, artists can focus on writing great music.

The agreement between Anara Publishing and the artist/composer is non-exclusive, putting more control in your hands for your music. You choose which tracks to put forward to Anara Publishing. To top it all off, you’ll then receive 50% of all the income.

For more information, you can contact them through the Anara Publishing email or browse through their shiny new website!

The Anara Roster

Their roster contains a variety of music genres from country and folk to rock and electronic, with a focus on eclectic and world music-influenced pieces. They are open to submissions from artists within a wide variety of genres. They promote diversity in music, so don’t be afraid to submit music regardless of whether it’s classical or rock!


Anara Publishing are still accepting submissions for their eclectic roster. Please email them with ‘Roster Submission (Your Artist Name)’ as the subject and also include a link to your streaming track(s). Also include a small biography and links to your social media channels. The team will review them and if they like what they hear, they’ll get back in touch with you. Good luck!