Releases for Charity

As a charity, you may be considering releasing a single, EP or album in collaboration with an artist to raise more awareness for your important cause. We can support this release and ensure that you retain 100% of the royalties from sales and streams. Releases for charity are very important to us.

We offer such a great deal because we believe that everyone in life gets a helping hand at some point. It’s that help that can make the world of difference to somebody’s life and we understand this. We know that especially in the current economic time, charities are finding it difficult to keep their head above water and keep doing the valuable work they do.

There are no fees, annual costs or deductions, so the charity receives 100% royalties. Your release will be delivered to over 200 digital platforms across the globe, including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, TIDAL and Google Play.

Please note that this applies to digital releases only and is not applicable to physical releases.

Some of the charities that we have supported are:

  • Save The Children
  • The Pixel Project
  • London’s Gay Men’s Chorus (in support of the Pulse Victims Fund, Equality Florida and Galop)
  • Batley Community Choir (in support of The Jo Cox Fund)
  • PAIX Project (in support of The Sweet Stuff Foundation for the Paris attacks at The Bataclan)

I Have some Releases for Charity

So, what are the next steps? Please email us with a link to your website and registered charity number. A member of the team will then get back to you to discuss your music for charities release in more detail. We do also support not-for-profit organisations, so please contact us to let us know what you are doing – let’s find a way we can help!

Unfortunately, we can’t offer this deal to individuals who are donating sales of their release to a charity or releasing on behalf of a charity. However, we can help you along the way with the following procedure:

  • Contact the charity that you wish to work with to discuss your plans.
  • You will need a contract between yourself and the charity allowing the charity the rights to sell your music.
  • Ask the charity to contact us.
  • The charity will then sign a direct deal with us.
  • Horus Music will deliver the music and pay to the charity directly 100% of all income. We will not pay royalties to any individuals outside of the charity