Gramrphone partner with Horus Music to support independent musicians on a global scale

Over the past year we’ve all faced many challenges, but for musicians in particular the devastating impacts of COVID-19 have led to the cancellation of thousands of live performances all over the world, leaving artists unable to work and more disconnected from their fans than ever before. We’ve partnered with audio live-streaming tool Gramrphone to bridge the gap and help keep our artists connected with their audience all over the world through interactive live streaming.

As an audio only live streaming tool, Gramrphone’s ‘plug in and play’ approach has benefited many artists on a global level as areas with lower bandwith can still live steam sessions with high quality audio without facing the technical issues which can arise with the addition of video. Our partnership has been particularly successful for our African and Indian clients, with Gramrphones technology enabling these artists to provide fans with regular shows in limited bandwith areas.

So how does it work? The tool operates like a plugin for a digital audio workstation such as Logic or Pro Tools. When activated, Gramrphone will live stream the audio which is being played in the DAW to a unique link. The link created opens a web page for listeners to interact with the artist during the live stream with comments. Even better, the link can be integrated into an existing web page, so artists can set up regular shows which are livestreamed directly through their own website. With the audio streaming directly from the DAW and not through another platform, this ensures a high-quality sound even to those with lower bandwith.

Our partnership with Gramrphone has enabled our artists to access this new and easy to use live stream technology, re-connecting them with their fans which has been more important than ever with the events over the last year. This exclusive collaboration sees our artists connect directly with the team at Gramrphone to help set the tool up, providing a tech demo and further assisting with scheduling the first live show, providing graphics and promotion on their social media platforms. Post show, Gramrphone provide a breakdown of how the show went, including analytics and stats to help you grow and connect with a wider audience.

The break-through technology offers artists and fans a seamless experience around the world, delivering a uniquely personal live interaction. With artists such as John Legend using Gramrphone’s plug-and-play system to deliver a private live listening party of his new project, it’s easy to see why this technology is becoming increasingly popular amongst artists of all calibres. We’re proud to have supported some of our artists based in Chennai (India), LA and Lagos who have utilised Gramrphone’s services to deliver explosive live stream performances in support of their new releases.

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Abramsoul (Lagos)

Nigavithran (Chennai- India)

Jacob Jefferies (Los Angeles)

With more exciting collaborations collaborations with our artists and Gramrphone in the pipeline, check out their services and reconnect with your fans through audio-only live streaming here:


Our Gramrphone x Horus Music programme is available for Custom Music Tools clients, but please don’t hesitate to reach out for further information.