Heading to Midem for the Sixth Year

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Horus Music will be Heading to Midem for the sixth year running at the end of the month. We’ve always been huge fans of Midem and it is always a big staple on our calendar.

Midem is where the world’s music industry gather to do business, exchange ideas, network and reconnect with old friends.

Whether you want to licence, publish or distribute your music, find a music manager, get a tour or play in a particular country – basically anything to develop your music career, Midem is the place to be. Everything happens at Midem.

By going to Midem each year, we have developed a network of contacts from all aspects of the music industry. This means we are well equipped to be able to find the best opportunities for our artists.

The first year you go, it can be daunting and you don’t necessarily know many people. But each time you go back, you meet more people and get to know who the real business people are. You quickly spot the difference between those hoping to make a quick buck, and those that are serious about music. Luckily because of the cost and commitment needed for Midem, there are not many people looking to ‘get rich quick’. Trust is very important and because we keep going back each year, it shows we’re a serious business.

We are very much looking forward to heading to Midem this year. We have a great number of artists from many genres that we are representing to help further their careers.

If you are heading to Midem and would like to meet up with us, please do email us or come and say hello. We’ll be on the UK / BPI stand and would love to find about more about your music and what you do.