5 Places to Find Great New Creative Talent for Your Next Release

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There’s a lot of places to look for new creative talent across the internet – so many it can be bewildering!

Here’s a quick guide to 5 key sites that contain a lot of new creatives, and who offer curated search to help you sort through the many portfolios you’ll find there.

It’s worth doing two jobs whilst you’re scouting – one is to find new creatives who you’d like to work with. The other is find work that you like, that inspires you, that has a feel you think could work for you as an artist. The more visual direction you can agree on for yourselves, and you can give to prospective creatives, the more likely you’ll develop a strong visual identity that helps mark you out as interesting and worth watching.

1        Behance

The biggie portfolio site!

It’s huge and spans very many disciplines, but it has great search tools and a curated option.

You can search by skillset, by country and even by city.

In terms of making collections, you can ‘appreciate’ work and follow creatives, both of which you can track and revisit via your account settings.

2        Ello

‘The Creative Network’

Very similar to Behance – it’s cross-disciplinary, there are curated sections, you can discover, like and follow.

The likes lists and collections are a bit more clunky but arguably the curation is more exciting.

3        Vimeo Staff Picks

Vimeo is a video site, so filmmakers only here. Staff Picks are really great videos – not all music video, you’ll also find documentary, short film. Vimeo Staff Picks is only one of the many curated channels on Vimeo – you’ll be able to find other curated specialist channels on Vimeo, eg motion design, claymation and etc.

4        Cargo Collective

This is another portfolio / publishing platform for all creative types.

It’s a little harder to scout here, as the site is set up for creatives, rather than people scouting for them. But still, you can search through curated sections and find real gems. Contact details for everyone are there in a click.

5        Radar Creatives

Radar’s new directory focuses specifically on creatives who want to work on music campaigns, spanning filmmakers, designers and photographers. You can search according to a range of tags and if you set up a free account, save creatives to personal ‘like’ lists. ‘Recommended’ creatives are the curated section.

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