About Us

Horus Music India is a music distribution and label services company.

Horus Music was established in 2006, we’re a hardworking team that offers every artist a simple and affordable solution for getting their music in front of wider audiences. We keep things simple and provide as many opportunities as possible so that our artists can earn an income from their music.

When you use Horus Music India for distribution, we put the control back into your hands, allowing you to choose how much of your royalties you would like to receive. We know that each circumstance is different, so we allow you to choose what works best for you. Additionally, you retain ownership of your music including your masters and your copyrights. We also won’t charge you any yearly fees to keep your music online and provide regular and detailed statistics from all of the top stores and platforms.

History of Horus Music India

Although our head office initially concentrated on music management, the company quickly realised that music distribution was a problematic area. We saw music distribution as an area controlled by a few companies, as a result we knew that  artists could quickly lose money if they weren’t careful. We knew that we could do better and so we set out to obtain direct contracts and make sure that all releases were handled in the most efficient way possible.

The principles are still close to our heart and we go further to make sure that all income is passed back to the artists and rights owners at the quickest opportunity and with the utmost transparency. This is still very important to us at Horus Music India today.

Our history and industry experience means we know exactly what needs doing at every stage of the process, especially recording, distribution and beyond. We are sympathetic to your needs and are entirely committed to going the extra mile for you.

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