Custom Music Tools

Custom Music Tools was born out of Horus Music and has been 10 years in the making.

Custom Music Tools is designed for labels and their services. It was created after we realised a need for contrast between services that are offered for record labels and artists. This includes, but is not limited to, mastering, chart registration, and whitelisting, but the main distinction we offer at Custom Music Tools goes much deeper.

As well as added functionalities from within our distribution software at MyClientZone (including customisation, analytics breakdowns and preferential royalty rates) record labels will have a main ‘management’ account to oversee the entirety of their label, and can then create multiple sub-accounts for co-workers and for each of their artists etc.

It’s an invite only system, therefore ensure our clients are given the very best customer service and dedicated support. If you’re interested in working with us, you can Request An Invite with us.

Utilise our music and video distribution service, with direct contracts around the world. Our direct contracts mean that you earn a higher percentage of royalties. We are also growing our network too, even in niche markets so your music has the best possible availability.

As an extra benefit, you can get to know our marketing team and enjoy our digital marketing services as well as radio plugging and playlisting. Our experienced team has personal relationships with each of our contacts and customise each of our campaigns.


Within these sub-accounts, different permissions can be specified, so you can control what information they have access to e.g. artists can view their releases and not their royalties etc. You can also assign roles to who will be doing what in your account. This creates an easy workflow for your label.


We know that working with royalties isn’t that easy. With Custom Music Tools, we know data is important to you, so it’s important to us too. That’s why as a user of Custom Music Tools, not only will you gain access downloadable data, but you will have access to tools that we created specifically for our record label clients.

We work on a percentage basis, so we don’t grow unless you do. We’re dedicated to work along side you to produce the best possible outcomes for everyone involved.

Please be aware that this is an invite only platform.

Account Management

As the account holder, not only will you have an account, but you can also create sub-accounts (e.g. for each artist). This way, you can oversee everything and your artists only see what is relevant to them. Profiles can also be created for employees with distinguishable levels of access.