Music Mastering

Music mastering is usually the term used when referring to preparing your audio mix for commercial release. This is typically the final step in the studio after completing your final mixdown. It’s all about adding the final touches so having a good mix to begin with is vital here. Music mastering takes your good-sounding mix and then transforms it into a professionally finished master.

The first goal of this process is to correct any existing balance problems within the mix and enhancing any specific characteristics desired for your signature sound. This includes adding EQ, compression and any limiting needed.

The second thing to consider with mastering is achieving consistency across all tracks. This is so that your whole release has a uniform sound and the same volume level between all tracks. This isn’t just about applying the same presets to all tracks but requires understanding the differences and adjusting the nuances within each individual track. The end result is a consistent and finished product.

We recognise that for independent artists it can sometimes be difficult to get the right engineer to give your tracks the finesse required for release. This is why we have partnered with a professional studio with an expert mixing and mastering engineer. They have over 25 years experience working within the music industry. They offer very competitive rates on services including, audio restoration, music mastering and are also an approved Apple Digital Masters engineer.

I Want My Music Mastering

If you would like to open the discussion with our engineer then please email the distribution team. Our Apple Digital Masters package is available to purchase via our website costing just 1,660. per track.

Please note that in order for tracks to be eligible for Apple Digital Masters mastering, they must be 24bit, not upscaled, and 96kHz or above. Any release that does not meet these requirements unfortunately cannot be given Apple Digital Masters status by Apple.

For regular mastering, the lowest requirements for tracks are 16bit and 44.1kHz.