How to Export Audio in the Correct Format

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Whether you’re looking to export audio for music distribution, or simply to share with your friends, it’s important to make sure you export your audio in the correct format. When dealing with audio there are two things you need to consider: Bit Rate and Sample rate.

Bit rate is used to describe the quality of the audio, and sample rate is number of samples of audio carried per second.

For music releases the bit rates we except are 16-bit and 24-bit. The sample rates we except are 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz. The minimum sample rate we expect is 44.1kHz. You also need to make sure that you submit a track that is in stereo. Mono tracks are not excepted by those we work with.

You need to submit your audio on the Client Zone as .wav files too. The reason for this is because .wav files are uncompressed, meaning that your music should still sounds great on stores.

There are a number of programs such as Switch Convertor that can change the file type for example from MP3 to wav. However to ensure no audio quality is lost it is best to export originally as a .wav from the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) you are using. When exporting your track from your chosen DAW (for example Logic Pro, ProTools) you will be given the option to choose how you want to export audio.

Export Audio in the Correct Format

On Logic Pro when you are bouncing the track, select destination as PCM format. You should then choose .wav file, either 16/24 bit rate, sample rate 44100Hz or 48000Hz. As a general rule the higher the bit rate and sample rate the better the audio quality will be. This will also mean a larger file size.

It is important to make sure that you submit the correct format of audio as this will be detected when you upload it to MyClientZone. Your file will be rejected if it does not meet the necessary specifications. Failure to comply with these specifications it will delay the process of your music being released.