International Representation for Your Music


As an artist, it’s important to think beyond your hometown when it comes to growing your fan base, connecting with your existing ones and further developing your career. We’re not talking total world domination, but it’s something to bear in mind as you reach your goals of superstardom.

At Horus Music India, we understand that having a global presence is no easy feat. That’s why we can help you make the first steps into growing your career across the world. To do this, we offer professional representation at Midem, which is the largest business to business music industry event in the world.

What is Midem?

You will be represented at meetings with industry professionals from the likes of labels, publishers and booking agents. We will target the deals that you actually need in your career. We create an electronic press kit (EPK) including your music, videos and biography which is presented to these executives.

After the event, you will receive a full report of who was contacted, what meetings were held and what the outcomes were. You will also be provided with any further information to help you follow up with potential deals.

Horus Music has a long history of attendance at Midem and is known as a trusted source for new artists in the industry. This is a non-exclusive deal, you are not granting us rights to your music (so we have no ownership) and you keep 100% of any deals made as a result of meetings at Midem.

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“I have been really happy with the work you have done for me and with your professional attitude and dedication.”

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“Thanks for your first class service. I would definitely recommend you to other songwriters.”

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“I’m impressed with your service. Complete, accurate and timely.”


How to get Started

Use the package below to get started and to speak to a member of the team directly.


Please note that representation is for one Midem only.