Deluxe Video Package


Send your video to all of our video services including VEVO, Apple iTunes and Tidal.

Get paid 100% back of your royalties.


Send your video to all of of video services.

  • Widest exposure for your music video.
  • Get paid 100% of all royalties.
  • Free barcode and ISRC codes.
  • Automatically have your music delivered to new services as they happen.
  • Dedicated team on hand to help when you need us.

We distribute your video to the following stores for one price.

  • Apple iTunes
  • Tidal.
  • VEVO.
  • Hungama.
  • Daily Motion.


No annual fees.

Monthly royalty statements and payouts.

What do we need?

For VEVO, Hungama, and Daily Motion:

  • Video in a mp4 or mov. format.
  • Dimensions should be 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720
  • Thumbnail should be 1920 x 1080 and cannot include any social media links on the artwork, including logos.
  • Metadata information including copyright holders etc.
  • More information available on our blog.


For Apple iTunes and Tidal

  • There are very strict requirements for this package that have been outlined by Apple Music and Tidal.
  • Please contact us for these specifications.
  • Failure to meet these specifications could result in your video not being delivered to them.

Important notice:

This package is for one video only.

The full name of the channel, including the added “VEVO” on the end, must be no more than 20 characters in length. VEVO channels cannot be created for labels.

Please note, that once your VEVO channel ID is set, VEVO will not change it.  If you wish to change your name, the only option is to set up a new channel.  These are the rules of VEVO, not us.

Channel headers and profiles are not automatically set, if you wish to have these areas personalised you will need to supply us with appropriate images in the correct format and dimensions.


VAT no: 892580977

All prices are inclusive of VAT.