Physical Amazon UK Package


Sell your release on Amazon UK

Get paid 80% back of your royalties.


Sell your CD,  vinyl release or DVD on

  • Have your release on Amazon UK store within days.
  • Delivery of your release.
  • Get paid 80% of all royalties.
  • Free barcode and ISRC codes..
  • Dedicated team on hand to help when you need us.
  • This package is suitable for those who will sell only a small numbers of units to be distributed.  There is no requirement to sell hundreds and have an expensive marketing campaign.


Important information:

  1. You must have a unique barcode for the physical product.
  2. Items sold on the Amazon UK store must be professionally manufactured, we will not manufacture them for you.  We cannot accept home made or poorly made packages.
  3. You must send 10 physical copies of your product to our office, the product will not appear on Amazon UK until we have received the physical copies.
  4. We can only accept your physical release if we also distribute your digital release.
  5. Courier fees do apply and are deducted before payment of royalties.
  6. Courier fees do apply for returns from Amazon.
  7. Your release will only be sold in the Amazon UK store.


VAT no: 892580977

All prices are inclusive of VAT.