Record Label Services

Record Label Services

Our Custom Music Tools are designed for large labels and independent artists that are at a tipping point in their career.


It is designed to support independent artists that already have solid fanbases and good streaming figures but need to make that next step to get into playlists to push their music further and reach a wider audience. Custom Music Tools offer’s a guiding hand, to nurture artists careers and assist in pushing them to the next level with their in-house playlisting teams all around the world.

Record Label Account

Royalty accounting assistance and importer tools for quick uploads. There are no upfront fees in order to utilise the account and preferential royalty rates are given.Labels with a large number of artists are provided with access to our CMT account in order to offer transparency for their artists and to assist with royalty distribution. They’re given a main ‘management’ account to oversee the entirety of their label, in which they can create multiple sub-accounts for each of their artists.

Sub Accounts

Custom Music Tools sub-accounts, allow you to select different permissions for either your artists or your co-workers, so you can control what information they have access to. This way, you as the label owner can oversee everything and your artists and other’s you’ve given access to the system can only see what is relevant to them.Profiles can also be created for employees with distinguishable levels of access. So, for example, your co-worker can be given ‘Uploader Access’ so that they can only upload new releases but not see royalties. As the account holder, you can also create sub-accounts for each of your artists and allow them to have their own login to the system to see only their data.


We know that processing royalties can be very complex and you can pay lots of money for expensive Royalty Accounting Software. With Custom Music Tools, we have this software built into our system and you get this as standard as part of your account. This includes the ability to input the splits that you have with your artists so that they only see what they’re going to take home at the end of the day and we can pay both you as the label and the artist their share of the royalties.We work on a percentage basis, so we don’t grow unless you do and we’re dedicated to working alongside you and your artists to market their music and to produce the best possible outcomes for everyone involved.Please be aware this is an invite-only platform.


Our distribution software MyClientZone includes analytical breakdowns of custom date ranges, territorial information with heat maps and you can drill down to see your performance on specific platforms and even specific tracks or releases from all of your sub-artist profiles or an overview of the whole labels account.

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