Should Musicians Self-Promote? 

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Putting your passion into writing your own music or creating your own band is hard work. But, that’s just the start, particularly if this is your career choice. Even before you’ve written enough tracks for an album, or you’re still working hard to get the band to sound ‘just right’ you need to start thinking about promotion. But is it worth it to self-promote?

If you’re just starting out in your music career, then self-promotion is a popular and often successful route to take. There are a variety of ways you can self-promote your music.

They include:

  • Posting You-Tube Videos.
  • Creating social media accounts to post relevant images, videos and comments.
  • Setting up your own website.
  • Writing guest blog posts on popular music channels.
  • Collaborating with other musicians, from near and far.

Choosing to self-promote

While some platforms are used universally by fans of new music, there are others that are preferred by listeners of a specific music genre. By promoting your music on the platforms and in ways that would appeal to you, you’re more likely to reach the right audience for your music. But don’t stick to just those pathways. Try some places and platforms that are a little unfamiliar to you, but could still hep you reach potential fans.

When you begin to see signs that all your hard work is beginning to bear fruit, identify where you’re getting the best responses from. The next step is to ensure you give those platforms more of your time and music. But, try not to neglect the other avenues, as new listeners and fans can be found almost everywhere.

The most important think about self-promoting your music, is that you’re getting your music out into public view. And, by getting your music and personality on show for potential fans to see, you’re giving yourself a better chance of success in the longer run. Just be prepared for even more hard work once you achieve that success!

Read this guide for more in-depth tips to self-promote and how to market your music online.