Horus Music

Treat Your Music Right

Promote and sell your music easily on hundreds of platforms with truly global reach. We provide a level playing field and superior customer service, so you get more for your money.

Music Distribution

Distribute unlimited music and video across the world to over 200 streaming and download platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Youtube Music, TIDAL and more!

MArketing & promotion

Horus Music has established trusted relationships with curators across the industry. Our team will pitch your music to the playlist curators at Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, TIDAL and more.

Record label services

Our Custom Music Tools are designed for large labels and independent artists that are at a tipping point in their career. Weoffer’s a guiding hand, to nurture artists careers and assist in pushing them to the next level with their in-house playlisting teams all around the world.


An Interview with Tarun Balani

Tarun Balani is a prolific drummer and rising star in contemporary Jazz. We worked with him on his electronic avatar Season

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