Horus Music announces its Partnership with SoundCloud

Clients of Horus Music India will have the ability to have additional tools added to their SoundCloud account due to a partnership between Horus Music and SoundCloud. Artists and labels at no extra cost will have the ability to have the following:

Delivery of Content for Fingerprinting

This means we will be delivering your catalogue to SoundCloud for content fingerprinting. The purpose of this is to stop those that have no right uploading your content to their SoundCloud profiles. Content which is recognised as part of the Horus Music India catalogue gets blocked when uploaded to a SoundCloud profile that has not been “whitelisted” by us (information on whitelisting can be found below). You will be able to unblock content if you find it is being used legitimately.

Rights Management Tools

Currently we can whitelist SoundCloud profiles belonging to our artists and labels: this allows account holders to upload their own content without having it blocked by SoundCloud’s content ID system. To obtain whitelisted status please contact your Client Manager.

If you find a profile that contains your content without having obtained the necessary licenses we can also issue a takedown notice using SoundCloud’s CMS system.

Access to Exclusive Partner Tools

You will be able to schedule when your content is to go live on SoundCloud. For example, if you are unavailable to manually make a track public you can upload the content and schedule it to go live at a specified date and time.

You can lock your content so it can only be viewable, and played within certain territories. This is useful if you have staggered release dates in different territories, or if you only own the rights for a certain territory.

Domain locking
You can lock your players / widgets to specific websites so they cannot be shared and played from any other websites. Go to http://domainlocking.soundcloud.com and log in to your account. You can then set limitations so that your content can only played from the domain/s you allow.

How do I take part?
New clients to Horus Music India will have these made available to them regardless of which digital music delivery package they choose, free or paid up front. To take part, sign up now.