Horus Music Artists Benefit From Launch Of Google Play Music

Google Play Music, the new music streaming service from Google, has launched in the U.K, along with France, Italy, Germany, and Spain this week, following the success of its launch in the United States last year.

The service allows users to purchase and play music across their computers and android devices, such as tablets and smartphones. All music is stored in The Cloud. The service also boasts no storage fees, so users will not be charged to have their music available on multiple devices.

Google’s Head Of International Music Licensing, Sami Valkonen, told The Complete Music Update website earlier this week that this new music service “is a whole new way of living with music and technology”. The advent of Google Play Music in the U.K is revolutionary for musicians and their fans alike. It will allow musicians to give their fans full access to their releases, whilst fans are no longer confined to their laptops to listen to the artists they love.

Why Google Play Music?

With Google Play Music, users’ music libraries will automatically synchronise to all of their devices that are linked to the service.

Horus Music is one of the few companies across the world to hold a direct contract with Google Play, meaning that all artists who sign up to our distribution service will automatically see the benefits of this new music service. All releases that are distributed through Horus Music will be delivered directly to the Google Play Music store, ready for fans to purchase and enjoy. As well as this, through working directly with Google Horus Music artists have access to exclusive promotional opportunities.

Furthermore, Leicester based non-profit organisation Excluded, who work with under-privileged people living in the Leicester area, have already seen their music become available on the Google Play Music store. This highlights that through Horus Music, all artists are quickly becoming part of one of the fastest growing online music services.

Through Google Play Music, users can sign up for free to access an ad-supported version of the service, or can subscribe for a monthly fee for an uninterrupted listening experience.

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