Horus Music Wins Award from Huawei

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Horus Music has been awarded “Best Business Partner of 2014” by Huawei Technology, a global telecommunication company in China.

Horus Music, who is approaching its ninth year in the music industry, allows independent artists, management companies and record labels to sell their music around the world. The ethos of the company is to ensure all clients have a level playing field regardless of their public profile. Their music is available in all corners of the world, not just on the dominant download and streaming stores.

Managing Director, Nick Dunn who collected the award stated: “This award was a real surprise to us and a wonderful honour Huawei bestow upon us. We have worked successfully with Huawei for four years now. It’s been a very good partnership that will grow for many years to come.  It’s not easy as a small company dealing with major corporations and the strict requirements Huawei have, but they have been very supportive to us. My team has always ensured we do all we can to deliver the right quality of music to Huawei. They have some very exciting business plans going forwards and we are very excited to be in partnership with them.”

Business Partner of the Year Award from Huawei

Huawei Aggregation and Operation BD Director, Jun Jian, stated when giving the award “Horus music is one of the best partners we have and Mr. Nick Dunn gives us the professional consultant that we needed very much. We shall do more and more business together for the global market in the future”.

This award was a surprise to us but we are honoured to be named Best Business Partner. We work closely with our partners and ensure that we always deliver the right content in the correct way. We would like to thank Huawei Technology for the dedication and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership.