Horus Music’s 2020 Wrapped Up

Wow 2020 has been a strange year! A very difficult time in history that the whole of the planet has witnessed. We’d like to take this time to look back at some of the more positive things that have opened over the year in the Horus Music world.

Firstly, we’ve all been extremely fortunate here at Horus Music that our business has not been too affected by Covid 19, we’ve adapted and all managed to work from home and good old zoom has been our friend this year. We’ve not had to let any staff go and in fact we’ve been busier than ever, and we’ve taken on many new staff this year and even opened a new office in Nigeria!

Here are a few of my top highlights of what we’ve managed to achieve as a business and a team and with the support of our family of artists and labels that have worked with us in this crazy, world.

  • As previously mentioned, I’m very proud to have assisted in the launch of our new business in Nigeria, there is so much amazing music coming from this region. We’ve been searching for the right person to launch this office and who better than one of our current CMT label clients (Cash n Out) Abiz who is now our head of Nigeria. 
  • We also employed 6 new members of staff over 2020. 3 new Client managers – Emily, Rosa and Georgie in the distribution team. Lucy in the accounts department and In the IT team we gained Mario and Vicko.
  • We upgraded our delivery services so that your releases will reach platforms faster and we can implement new tools.

One of those new tools was very recently added and we can now deliver your releases to the correct artist profiles on Spotify and Apple Music, meaning that you can rest easily that your releases will be delivered to the correct channel if you have the same artist name as another artist.

  • We signed new contracts with lots of different platforms too; TikTok from Bytedance a short video streaming platform, Deedo, a Pan African genre streaming store, Napster the original streaming service and Lyric Find to deliver your lyrics to streaming services like Deezer.
  • We launched a new payment option and are now able to pay you via PayPal as well as Western Union.
  • The marketing department launched a new service and we are now offering UK radio plugging to all major stations across the UK, here are a few placements from artists we supported with our radio plugging service.

Last but by absolutely no means least, I want to take the time to thank all of our hard working artists and labels, we’ve seen everyone pulling up their socks and making a difference to their music careers. There are far too many to name, here are a few highlights from artists and labels we’ve seen editorial placements for this year.

Lot’s of New Music Friday’s

And tons more Editorial Placements across Amazon Music, Tidal, Me Playlist, Boomplay, Deezer, Apple Music and so many more platforms thanks to our amazing DSP partners for believing in our artists. Here are just a few recent ones;