It’s Not Just About Selling your Music Online

An article from Horus Music CEO, Nick Dunn.

A few minutes ago, whilst having lunch, I started reading today’s daily news bulletin (like I always do) from CMU and the following headline caught my attention:


The article is stating that despite One Direction having a huge number of fans, the band or their management don’t see the value in going to a territory (India in this case) where the music business is quite different to where it is in other parts of the world. However, it’s not just about selling your music online.

In fact, I would say that in the UK things are moving to a system whereby music is no longer the main income provider. Merchandise, ticket sales and the brand itself are quickly becoming the highest earners for bands.

Clearly in certain countries, especially India, it is a well known fact that music piracy is high. In a country where many people cannot afford to live, it’s understandable why there are more important things to spend limited money on, like food for the family.

If it is true that One Direction won’t play somewhere because record sales are low, then this is a very sad and short sighted decision.

Also if the band were involved, then it really doesn’t say a lot about them being genuine to their fans. The thing is, OK record sales may be low, but you can still tour and earn an income without CD sales. I’m sure One Direction would be playing in large venues, selling items of clothing, posters and anything else with their brand printed on it, so what do they have to lose? Surely a country with one of the largest growing populations is worth touring?

The clients we have at Horus Music are often spoken to and challenged about their thinking in terms of how they run their business. Yes, we can sell your music online to hundreds of stores, but you are so much bigger than that.

Artists should think about the touring, selling the t-shirts or special editions of their CD’s or Vinyl.  The list is not limited to that either, it’s about you the artist as the brand. Sell the products that work for you and resonate with your fans.

We go the extra mile here at Horus Music for our artists. So come and talk to us and we can help you be less short sighted than the boys from Sony. Remember, it’s not just about selling your music online.