iTunes Store Artist Image Guidelines

Did you know you can set your own artist photo on iTunes? Here’s are the artist image guidelines so you can add yours. Send us your photo to add yours.

When you click onto an Artist’s page on iTunes or Apple Music, a photo will appear at the top. This photo is separate from your album cover art or artist logo and will not include an artist name, title treatment, borders, roles, dates, instruments or current and former bands. As well as this, the photo has specific file and content requirements that must be met.

Images that fail to adhere to these requirements or Apple’s presentation standards may be subject to being deleted, so make sure you meet these requirements to avoid any problems with Apple.

However, provided that your image meets the requirements, it can be a great way of adding to the imagery of your music and strengthening your brand as an artist. So, below is a list of the file and content requirements as requested by Apple.

Artist Image Guidelines

File Requirements Content Requirements
The file must: The photo content must not:
• Be 2400 x 2400 pixels • Contain links to: websites that sell music or compete with iTune, websites that contain or link to pornography
• Be a square photo • Advertise content or up-sell another product
• Be a minimum resolution of 72 dpi • Be misleading
• Be in the RGB colour space • Have the term “iTunes” on it
• Be in JPG or PNG format • Use the Apple logo or the term “exclusive” without prior authorisation from Apple
• Be non-blurry, pixelated or mismatched, misaligned, rotated, incorrect or have other quality issues • Contain Nazi symbolism. If this happens 3 times your content will be suspended in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for up to 6 months*
• Not be up-scaled • Refer to pricing e.g. low price, available for £7.99, for promo use etc.
• Be in Aspect Ratio 1:1 • Include wording referring to physical packaging e.g. CD, disc or limited edition

* Note: your artist store image will appear in all territories worldwide and you can not tailor the photo to specific territories. 

To add an artist image, simply get in touch with us and send your image to your Client Manager.