Social Media Management

  • Would you like fresh updates made every day on your social media pages?
  • Would you also like to keep control of your accounts?
  • How about monthly graphic designs specifically made for your page?


In todays times, social media can be everything from a wonderful tool for sharing updates, an intimidating experience of wondering where to start, or even a tricky task to keep your pages updated; especially if you may not have much experience. Here at Horus Music we have a solution to cater for the digital needs of the modern day.

This package includes:

  • Professional management of your social media accounts on a monthly basis.
  • Guaranteed social media updates daily on up to 3 channels of your choice.
  • 2 graphics per month specially designed for your page.

Important Information

In order to post more engaging content, our social media expert will need to be updated in as much detail as possible about things like tours, gigs, and upcoming releases.

All social media accounts are relative to whom they belong to, so when taking out a social media plan package, a check on all accounts will be made to establish your current status and to identify what goals are achievable.

If interested please get in touch with us!

All prices are inclusive of VAT. 

(Price is per monthly basis, minimum of 3 months must be purchased. Please get in touch.)