Nick’s Top 15 Guilty Pleasure Songs

Horus Music Turns 10With our anniversary fast approaching, our CEO Nick Dunn shares some of his guilty pleasure songs.

Nick definitely has a mix of tracks here and some that we all enjoyed listening to!

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1.  The Firm – Star Trekkin’

Takes me back to my school days when Spitting Image was a highly popular TV programme that was broadcast every Sunday at 10:00pm when I should have been in bed. Fun track and once hear it you cannot get the song out of your head. It will always be a guilty pleasure.

2.  N-Trance – Set You Free

I love the lyrics and melody to this track. A powerful and very energetic song and brings back memories to my teenage years with much joy.

3.  Tony Christie – Amarillo

As Horus Music is a Leicester based company it would be rude not to include Leicester’s very own Tony Christie. One of Tony’s best known hits and still to this day one of his most popular. How can you not want to clap in the chorus or do the walk from the Comic Relief single featuring Peter Kay? Such an uplifting track that just brings a smile to your face as soon as you hear it. Well written, great lyrics and a will be an eternal classical in my book.

4.  Flip & Fill – Shooting Star

A song from my early twenties when I discovered Happy Hardcore. A girlfriend of mine loved drum and bass but I wasn’t feeling it, but she she introduced me to Happy Hardcore and the Bonkers mixes. After that I was hooked. To this day I love driving to many Happy Hardcore anthems, problem is it makes you want to drive faster than you should. I love the upbeat tempos, the gushing electronic strings and great drum beats.

5.  Shakespeare’s Sister – I Don’t Care

I love Shakespeare;s Sister and was introduced to it by my dad who brought the Harmonally Yours album. I chose I Don’t Care as it sums up my attitude that I really don’t care about what people think. In life one tries hard, looks after friends and family and tries to build something good. You always come across people who have a problem, but I think the song sums up greatly what I think of those people.

6.  Katrina & The Waves – Walking On Sunshine

Well anything with a good brass sections is a winner with me. A cheery guilty pleasure song that summarises how I feel and makes you feel good.

7.  Holly Valance – Kiss Kiss

OK so yes I was a big Neighbours fan. I love this track especially the sounds catching an essence of the Middle East. Yes this is an old Arabic folk song that was given a new twist by Holly and they did a great job with the production and keeping the essence of its roots.

8.  OMI – Cheerleader

I was never a fan of OMI, but this track really caught my ear. Firstly the recording production is just superb and on a good sound system you can just imagine being up close and personal with the whole ensemble. Lyrically the song reminds me of when I attended school in New York and came across cheerleaders for the first time and many of the great friends I made.

9.  Brian Eno – 1/1

Not quite the foot tapping melodies as seen elsewhere in this list, but the whole Music for Airports album is so clever. It’s a hidden gem of Brian Eno’s that I feel is under performed in the contemporary live music circuit.  When you need space in your head and want to relax, this whole album can help you achieve inner peace and calm. Great when driving and you’re thinking or just having on in the background when meditating.

10.  A.R. Rahman – Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)

A lovely mix of East meets West. For me the long vocal harmonies by A. R. Rahman rising above the melody give the track a lovely texture, dignity and shape.

11.  Phil Collins – Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

A short track filled with great brass and percussion. For years I’ve played in bands that played this sort of music.  Love it and a must-have on my guilty pleasure list.

12.  Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound Machine – Conga

If you love number 11, maybe you’ll also love this.

13.  The Cuban Boys – Cognoscenti Vs. Intelligentsia

It’s fun.  How can you not love this?

14.  Aqua – Doctor Jones

I was going to say Barbie Girl but as a colleague has already chosen it I went for Doctor Jones. A fun song, catchy lyrics and something I tried to play when I was learning the guitar. Unfortunately me and the guitar never got on and yes the strings do hurt the fingers!

15.  Lady Gaga – Just Dance

There are not many albums I really enjoy but Lady Gaga Fame Monster is one of them. For me Just Dance is one of my favourite tracks.  =Simple but catchy and for me the contrasting chorus is really well done.