Øyvind Weiseth – Inside Our Minds Sees Marketing Success

Case Study: Øyvind Weiseth sees a variety of marketing coverage during his campaign

Date: March 2017

Activity: Marketing, radio and playlisting campaign

Duration: 6 weeks

Key Outcomes: Notable blog coverage, playlist inclusion, radio play and Laid Bare Session.

How We Did It

In March 2017, we began working with Norwegian singer-songwriter Øyvind Weiseth for a 6 week marketing, radio and playlisting campaign.

His brand of guitar driven indie pop takes inspiration from artists like Kings of Leon and Bernhoft. His previous release ‘Hold On’ gained airplay on radio stations in the US, Germany, Australia and the UK. We worked with Øyvind to promote his latest single ‘Inside Our Minds’ to a variety of regional, national and online radio stations, as well as independent tastemaker playlists and streaming platforms such as Spotify and Deezer. We also worked with well-respected music blogs, publications and magazines to encourage features, reviews and interviews about Øyvind and his music.

During the Campaign

We had strong feedback from our contacts on ‘Inside Our Minds’ which was accepted by many radio stations and playlists. BBC Radio 6 Music presenter Tom Robinson even placed the track in his “Fresh Faves” list and on his blog ‘Fresh On The Net‘. He was also included on the ‘Nordic Music Review’, ‘LA on Lock’ and ‘Drunken Coconut’.

This sort of recommendation by tastemakers can be incredibly helpful when pitching for in-store features as it gives the artist that extra endorsement from influential voices that helps put their music above the rest.

Øyvind’s single was also placed in the hugely popular monthly “Indie / Rock / Alternative Compilation” by AlexrainbirdMusic on YouTube. This channel holds an impressive 304,451 subscribers and is an ideal place for up-and-coming musicians to have their work featured as it allows their music to easily reach thousands of YouTube music listeners without the artist having to build up this number of subscribers on their own YouTube channel.

Magnum Network also later added Øyvind to their “Best of Pop / RnB 2017 playlist on Spotify.

As a result of Horus Music’s efforts on this campaign, Øyvind was even offered a Laid Bare Session at Boho in Camden, London.

Currently, Øyvind is studying at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) to hone his musical talents and knowledge. He also recently performed at Gold Sounds and the Rockwood Music Hall in New York this September. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Øyvind and his musical career after his time at LIPA.By utilising our campaigns we can help develop a positive reputation for you and increase your visibility online. It worked for Øyvind Weiseth and it could work for you too!