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Our artwork design team can create unique, customised artwork for your release.

  • Customised design.
  • Work alongside our experienced designers.
  • 2 revisions available.
  • Designed and completed within 1 working day.
  • This package is for the creation of one piece of artwork only.
  • Dedicated team on hand to help when you need us.


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What do we need?

  • Examples of artwork that you like.
  • Ideas of themes you may want to include.
  • Any examples of font / text you may like.


Why is Artwork Design Important?

No matter what type of music you create, people will create a first impression of how the music might sound by taking a look at the artwork. The artwork is a vital space to grab people’s attention and tell a story of the single or album. This one image can lead the right people to your music and turns casual listeners into you fans. However, if you create a boring in inaccurate image, it can actually have a negative impact on your sales.


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