Horus Music offers 25% discount to DIY artists who have been left ‘screwed by Stem’

Whether you’re a high profile artist or just starting out, Horus Music has something that will help all artists in their careers. We provide unlimited distribution packages for everyone, as well as additional label services which we encourage artists and labels to apply for. Our unlimited distribution packages give artists and labels 100% of royalties including YouTube content ID revenue – which most of our competitors charge for. We believe that all artists deserve the same chances and everybody should be given the opportunity to distribute their music and earn an income. This is why we allow any artist out there to upload their releases online and apply for playlisting opportunities. Who are we to say what’s good or bad music?

In response to the news that Stem has decided to stop working with indie DIY artists – and is metaphorically kicking them out of its platform – We would like to offer everyone affected a reduction in the cost of our unlimited distribution package.

Nick Dunn — Managing Director at Horus Music

We’re offering a real alternative for those artists who don’t wish to become another number in Tunecore’s catalog. Horus Music has excellent customer service, offers a hands-on approach, has a wider reach than most and provides many different marketing services that won’t break the bank – and which provide real results. You only need to look at our artist Aymane Serhani who is totally DIY, with over 2 million streams on Spotify and over 140 million on YouTube, to see that you can’t just write independent artists off. In 2018, DIY artists generated estimated global revenues of a healthy $643 million, up 35% on 2017.

Horus Music are Queens Award winners in International Trade and offer a different approach to most Western distributors as we’re heavily invested in markets such as Asia and Africa. In Asia, for example, we’ve seen a 90% success rate in getting independent DIY artists featured on DSPs. Join us today!