How to Sell your Music on KKBox

Our direct partnerships with streaming platforms around the world, including KKBox, means that you can quickly and easily receive royalties when someone listens to your music. Take a look below to see how it can benefit your music.

What is KKBox?

KKBox is a music streaming service that was first created in 2004. It is mainly used by the Asian market including Taiwan, Mayalsia, Hong Kong and Singapore etc with a catalogue of over 30 million tracks.

Similar to Spotify, it offers a ‘freemium’ service and is accessible on devices including smartphones, TVs, and computers. In 2015, it was announced that KKBox now has over 10 million users. It also has a built in lyrics feature, so users can easily sing along to their favourite songs.

Although it’s roots do mean it has string focus on Mandarin and Cantonese songs, its integration with partners such as ourselves mean it does also have a very strong catalogue of English content too.

As well as offering personalised music recommendations, KKBox has also gone one step further. Users can enjoy Live broadcasts of concerts, so they can feel like part of the audience from their own home. Their ‘Listen With’ feature also means users can find out what others are listening to and chat with them at the same time.

How Do I Sell My Music on KKBox?

All you need is a distribution partner to sell your music on services like KKBox. It may seem strange to use platforms that you’ve never heard of or that aren’t available in your country. However, services like iTunes and Spotify etc. are not always the dominant platforms and aren’t always available in each country.

By using Horus Music for distribution, your music is sent to all of the usual stores as well as hundreds of others that are often ignored by our competitors. This means that you have many more opportunities for earning royalties, collaboration, increasing your fanbase and more promotional opportunities.

Additionally, your music will often be available on streaming platforms and other major services within 24-48 hours of delivery. We then complete our royalty payments each month and don’t charge any yearly fees.