How to Sell your Music on Line Music

Our direct partnerships with stores around the world, including Line Music, means that you can quickly and easily get paid for your music. Take a look at who they are below and how it can benefit your music.

What is Line Music?

Line Music is a subscription based streaming service with an added chat feature. Available in Thailand and Japan, it combines an on-demand entertainment with the Line Messenger app. This way, users can easily share music they like with their friends. This includes sharing links to individual tracks and playlists directly to their friends or in group chats.

Line Music does not offer a free subscription tier and instead offers different options for Japanese and Thai users. In Japan, users can subscribe to listen to a maximum of 20 hours of music per month, or pay a higher subscription price for unlimited listening. In Thailand, users only have the option for unlimited listening.

Upon launch in 2015, they offered a catalogue of 1.5 million songs which consisted of a mix of Japanese music, Western music, K-pop, anime music, Vocaloid and more. Their aim was to build a catalogue of 30 million songs by 2016. At the time, other streaming services weren’t available in Japan and Line provided an alternative to the radio-subscription services. They had previously bought Mix Radio from Microsoft, but chose to shut it down in February 2016.

The Japanese market has been notoriously slow to shift away from physical music formats and downloads. However, in June 2016, Line were keen to announce their user base had reached 218 million for its core messaging app and other spin-offs.

How Do I Sell My Music on Line Music?

All you need is a distribution partner to sell your music on services like Line Music. It may seem silly to use platforms that you’ve never heard of or that aren’t available in your country. However, the likes of iTunes and Spotify etc. are not always the dominant platforms and aren’t always available in each country.

By using Horus Music for distribution, your music is sent to all of the usual stores as well as hundreds of others that are often ignored by our competitors. This means that you have many more opportunities for earning royalties, collaboration, increasing your fanbase and more promotional opportunities.

Additionally, your music will often be available on streaming platforms and other major services within 24-48 hours of delivery. We then complete our royalty payments each month and don’t charge any yearly fees.