How to Sell your Music on Saavn

Our direct partnership with Saavn means that you can quickly and easily sell your music online through downloads and streaming services. Take a look at how their service works below, including how to get started.

Streaming on Saavn

Saavn is a US-based platform primarily used for streaming Indian music. However, it also has a large catalogue of English-speaking and western content too. It is now recognised as one of the largest suppliers of Bollywood and Indian content in the world. As of September 2015, they boasted 18 million monthly users.

Similar to other streaming services, Saavn is supported by display advertising and a monthly subscription option. Both the number of ads and monthly subscribers are taken into account when paying royalties. Their Pro service allows users to save data by downloading music for offline listening, remove any advertisements, listen in higher quality, use up to 5 devices and also enjoy exclusive content. It also has a radio service which either streams personalised content or broadcasts live radio, depending on the preference

Saavn Social was introduced in 2015 which works in a similar way to iTunes Connect and allows users to tag friends, follow artists and even chat about particular topics and tags.

They were also the first global partner and first Indian partner on Facebook’s Open Graph platform. This integration with Facebook allows music fans to stream any tracks in Saavn’s catalogue using their Facebook logins. This means fans can enjoy their favorite music straight from Facebook, and enjoy a “seamless social listening experience”.

How Do I Sell My Music on Saavn?

It may seem complicated to sell your music on Saavn, however all you need is a distribution partner. It may even seem silly to use platforms that you’ve never heard of or that aren’t available in your country. However, the likes of iTunes and Spotify etc. are not always the dominant platforms and aren’t always available in each country.

By using Horus Music to distribute your music, your music is sent to all of the usual stores, as well as hundreds of others that are ignored by our competitors. This means that you have many more opportunities for earning royalties, collaboration, increasing your fanbase and promotional opportunities.

Additionally, your music will often be available on streaming platforms and other major services within 24-48 hours. We then complete our royalty payments each month and don’t charge any yearly fees.