How to Sell your Music on YouTube

Our partnerships with YouTube mean that you can earn money from your music on their platform. We will explain how this works below including how to get started and how soon to expect your royalties.

Music on YouTube

Monetisation is one of the most important ways that musicians earn royalties online. It means that you can earn an income whenever your music is used in a video – even if it’s used in the background of someone else’s video.

When music is delivered to us, it is automatically sent to Content ID. This way YouTube knows who owns which music and will notify anyone who uses the music that they are doing so without permission. We then have the option to decide whether or not to monetise that track or to block it.

Monetising tracks means that you allow the other user to use your music in exchange for earning advertising royalties. If you choose to Block the video then no one will be able to view it. Other options include muting the audio in the video or tracking the video to see how it performs.

If you have given someone else permission to use your music, and to stop them from receiving a copyright notification on their video, all you need to do it send us the URL and we can take care of the rest for you.

YouTube Art Tracks

Art Tracks are created when music is submitted to YouTube, and so that they have a catalogue of each of the tracks. You’ve probably come across Art Tracks already without even realising it. They have a basic background with your artwork on one side and metadata on the other side. They are available to both free and premium users.

When your music is streamed, you will receive a corresponding share of subscription revenue each month, which is based on terms agreed with YouTube. These payments from YouTube may change each month and depends on subscription revenue and how many streams you received.

How Do I Sell My Music on YouTube

Even if you already have your music videos already online, adding YouTube Art Tracks gives you larger distribution and access to an additional income stream.

Your music is automatically sent to YouTube as part of our distribution services. We’re dedicated to protecting your music as well as making sure you can earn as many royalties as possible. We send your music to them and other similar services within 24-48 hours. We then pay out royalties each month and don’t charge any yearly fees.