How to Sell your Music on iTunes and Apple Music

As a rereferred partner with Apple, Horus Music makes it incredibly easy to sell your music on iTunes and Apple Music. Discover more about each service below, including how to get started and how soon you can expect to see your release online.

Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes is the largest digital download store in the world and offers a vast array of music, videos, apps, podcast and more for users to purchase and download.

Launched in 2001, iTunes was designed to be a simple media player. The current version now allows users to manage their content, create playlists, synchronise their content with their handheld Apple devices and well as to update the devices themselves,  stream podcasts, download music, films, TV shows, audiobooks and applications.

The introduction of iTunes saw the music industry shift towards the legal use of digital music for mass audiences. The pricing structure encouraged the sale of singles and encouraged users to move away from the more expensive albums.

Although the popularity of downloads has decreased as a result of streaming, iTunes remains the largest download store available. It also comes with many useful features such as pre-orders and Instant Gratification. This means that fans can receive a download of one or more of your songs as they pre-order your music.

Apple Music

Apple Music’s streaming service launched in June 2015 in 100 countries and offered a free 3-month subscription to new users.

As of September 2016, Apple Music has over 17 million subscribers and is available in over 113 countries, including several countries where competing services aren’t yet available.

The streaming service did not launch alone. It came along with Beats 1, a 24-hour radio service, and Connect which allows musicians to interact with their fans. The Radio section offers ad-supported stations that play genre-specific or artist-related music depending on the user’s preferences.

How Do I Sell My Music on iTunes and Apple Music

Unless you’re signed to a major label, many of which have their own distribution mechanisms in place, you may think it is difficult to get your music onto stores such as Apple iTunes and Apple Music. However, is not the case. All you need is a distribution partner to take care of it for you.

With us, for example, your music will often be on these platforms and other major services within 24-48 hours. Royalties will be paid on a monthly basis and don’t charge any yearly fees.

Build excitement with your fans before your music is officially released by setting up a pre-order. This also makes marketing of your music easier and offer an Instant Gratification as a thank you for purchasing your music up-front. Additionally, your pre-order sales can count towards your iTunes chart position. If you would like to set up a pre-order or Instant Gratification, please let us know as you deliver your music.