Radio Promotion & Playlisting

Radio promotion is a time consuming task. We understand that most artists and labels don’t have the time to contact large numbers of relevant radio stations for airplay. We’ve put in the research and developed an established list of radio contacts looking for fresh new music.

We are in contact with stations looking for all kinds of styles and genres, so our services are welcome to everyone. Our campaigns offer bespoke assistance and are planned with artists in mind.

We intend to get your music into as many different ears as possible and in order to do that we go to stations all around the world! We’re connected with a network of radio stations including American college stations, which are renown for breaking under-the-radar artists. We also go to online radio stations with dedicated fan bases. This includes regional radio, podcasts and platform-integrated radio stations such as Pandora Online Radio and Beats 1.

We monitor the latest ways people consume music to ensure that artists aren’t missing out on opportunities to get discovered. One example of this would be the recent popularity of playlists on streaming sites.

Streaming playlists have recently gained major popularity and are helping lots of new artists gain larger followings and more streams. Thousands of people are listening in every week to the “Top Hits” playlists on their preferred streaming platform. Genre-specific playlists such as “UK Grime Playlist” are also hugely popular, providing listeners’ favourite music genres with just one click. People are also listening to playlists on the go, whether it’s the “Gym Workout Playlist” or the “Taking the Dog for Walkies Playlist” streaming music has become an easy, on-demand option when listening to music.

Get Radio Promotion for My Music

In our campaigns we break down the events of each week within a weekly report. This addresses the stations we have contacted, feedback we receive regarding the track and where and when your track will be played. We are also very reachable via email and telephone throughout the campaign, so you’ll never be left in the dark.

Your campaign can run as it’s own radio promotion and playlisting campaign, or we can integrate it with our digital marketing and promotion service for a joint campaign.

If you are interested in working with us on a radio promotion and playlists campaign, please bear in mind that:

  • The music you would like pitching must not already be released.
  • You are active on social media and playing frequent gigs.
  • Campaigns must be discussed well in advance of the release date in order to get everything organised.

We are currently accepting submissions, to be considered for a campaign please complete this form. Our team will then review and if we like what we hear we’ll be in touch!

Please read through these guidelines before submitting music to us.

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