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Streaming, Downloads and Digital Sales

Many artists did not agree to stream their music at first. Many music fans even had to digitalise every CD they had. Some bands and artists even tried to withhold their music from being digitalised, Tool are a prime example, but many quickly realised the new era of music wasn’t something they could easily ignore. With the introduction of [...]

What is SoundScan?

A lot of artists are ready to take the next step in their musical career, with that career there are a number of factors you need to know before you can rise and take over the world with your music. One of those things is SoundScan. What is SoundScan? SoundScan signs up stores and has a tracking system that is operated by ACNielsen (sounds [...]

iTunes Store Artist Image Guidelines

Did you know you can set your own artist photo on iTunes? Here’s are the artist image guidelines so you can add yours. Send us your photo to add yours. When you click onto an Artist’s page on iTunes or Apple Music, a photo will appear at the top. This photo is separate from your album cover art or artist logo and will not include an artist [...]

How To Master Apple Music

Industry Updates, Tips
As subscribers continue to increase, it would be fair to say people are getting to grips with many of the streaming services exciting features. It can take a bit of getting used to though. We have put together some tips to help you master Apple Music and start increasing your streams. Master Apple Music with Connect This works like a social [...]

Claim your Apple Music artist profile

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Did you know you can have an artist profile on Apple Music? ‘Connect’ allows you to communicate better with your fans and you can even customise your page with your own branding for Apple Music using photos, a biography, videos, your songs and other promotional material. Your fans can then comment on, like, and share this through social media [...]

Pre-Order and Instant Gratification

Whilst it may seem more convenient to get your music out as quickly as possible, there are many benefits to setting a pre-order date for your music. This is plain to see; take a look at any of your favourite artists, and you’ll see that they announce their albums months (sometimes over a year) in advance of the release date. This gives them [...]

5 Reasons Why You Need to Sell Your Music Online

Literally everything is online nowadays, and if you don’t start to accept that now and take advantage of modern technology you and your music could get left in the dark. Imagine living your whole life in a house but never once stepping out to explore the world outside and all the possibilities it brings. The house represents the older [...]

Want To Know Who The Best Digital Distribution Company Is? Horus Music Respond

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Ari Herstand recently wrote a post on Digital Music News that compared 7 different digital distribution companies. In this post, Ari left out the digital distribution companies that only work with labels, and wanted to include the companies that allow anyone to sign up to their services. While this was a very well balanced and interesting [...]

iTunes expands to Pan Asia

Industry Updates
Today saw the launch of iTunes in Asia store making it available for music, films and more to be delivered. Content will now also be available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei and Sri Lanka. Here at Horus Music we’re proud that we’re one of the first companies [...]