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How to Upload Releases onto MyClientZone

Industry Updates, Tips
So you’ve finally finished your release and you want to release it through Horus Music and have it delivered to hundreds of download, streaming, mobile and radio Internet platforms around the world. Here’s how: Access the Client Zone via or through the main website, and you should be taken to the following [...]

Burgeoning Alternative Music at The Exchange

A few months ago we attended our third edition of The Exchange conference and showcase organised by the Department of International Trade (previously UKTI) in Mumbai and found a vast difference in the vision behind this year’s attempt. Unlike the previous editions, this time was quite small, controlled and effectively intimate. Especially [...]

Horus Music welcomes PPL and PRS for Music move

Earlier this week it was announced that Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) and PRS for Music will be moving their national headquarters from London to Leicester city centre. Their new joint venture will begin around July 2017 and will be based in Mercury Place. Here at Horus Music we are very excited about this move and for PPL and PRS to [...]

Music Rights Explained

Music rights can be a very tricky area to understand, with a crazy number of acronyms and collecting societies to remember. In this blog, we will explain a bit about what the PRS (Performing Rights Society) and MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society) do for songwriters with publishing royalties, and what PPL (Phonographic Performance [...]

Brighton Music Conference 2016

An article from Client Manager, Lizzie Calvert. We attended Brighton Music Conference (BMC) which was held 14th & 15th April 2016. The dance music focused conference featured a number of networking events, panels, talks and a technology exhibition. It was a fully packed couple of days, full of panels, demos and networking. We had our own [...]

What is Music Publishing and Why Do I Need It?

What is Music Publishing? Music publishing involves protecting the rights in your music and making sure that you’re paid the money that you’re entitled to. In a nutshell, a music publisher will take care of all of the administrative work which leaves you as a composer or songwriter to focus on what you do best – creating music. Different [...]

Horus Music India welcomes Malini Hariharan

Malini Hariharan joins as Business Development Manager As previously announced, in celebration of our 10th birthday in August 2016, Horus Music Limited – headquartered in Leicester, UK – is expanding our business by opening a new entity in Mumbai.In light of this, Horus Music India is now pleased to announce the appointment of [...]

What is a One-Sheet?

A one-sheet is, as the name suggests, a single sheet of paper detailing relevant information about your latest music release. It is a simple document to create, but an effective one-sheet can make a huge difference between a release that has support or promotion behind it and one that has nothing. One-sheets can be used by for a variety of [...]

5 Reasons Why You Need to Sell Your Music Online

Literally everything is online nowadays, and if you don’t start to accept that now and take advantage of modern technology you and your music could get left in the dark. Imagine living your whole life in a house but never once stepping out to explore the world outside and all the possibilities it brings. The house represents the older [...]

Liverpool Soundcity 2014

An article from Client Manager, Nikki Halliwell. This year Horus Music was able to attend Liverpool Soundcity for the first time, and what an amazing year it was! What Happens at Liverpool Soundcity? As well as the multitude of bands that are showcased every year, Soundcity also holds conferences and panels debating various topics. Some of [...]