The Launch Of Google Play All Access

Google have launched their new streaming service Google Play All Access at their annual I/O conference in San Francisco. The streaming service will work alongside their existing download site which launched worldwide at the end of last year. It is being hailed as “radio without rules”, with a focus on music discovery through personalised recommendations. Users can also import existing songs they already own, offering cloud based storage for up to 20,000 songs. This storage is available even if these songs aren’t available on the Google Play Music services. ‘All Access’ is set to compete with existing streaming platforms such as Spotify, Xbox Music and Rdio.

Initially, Google’s streaming service is only available in the US but is expected to roll out globally soon. Unlike its rivals, there is no free option after an introductory 30 day trial period. Some within the industry feel that it’s the free option that has slowed the growth of Spotify. The challenge is in convincing users to pay to stream music.

For unlimited, ad-free use via an android device or the web Google Play All Access charge $9.99 per month. Google are currently offering a discount for users signing up before 30th June 2013.

Send your Music to Google Play All Access

Signing up for music distribution with Horus Music means that you get the benefits of being delivered to this new platform straight away. As well as this, as we hold a direct contract with Google, meaning that our artists benefit from a higher royalty rate from this service.

If you are interested in having your music distributed to hundreds of stores including Google Play, please visit our sign up page. Furthermore, if you have any questions fill in the enquiry form on our contact page and a member of our team will get back to you.