The World of Soundscaping

A lot of musicians are on their way to enjoying success. With that success comes a time when you start thinking about publishing options. There are specific things you could do as a musician in publishing – Soundscaping is just one of them.

What is soundscaping?

Do you remember The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie, where the sound was connected to the movements of Electro? Or how horror movies always seem to have this creepy song in the background, letting you know something will happen? This is done by soundscaping.

Soundscaping is basically just putting music to movement. Movement in this case being the movie that is being played. With the right music you can create the right atmosphere for your movie scene. Without even thinking about it, music has become such a crucial part in the movie production.

Examples of Soundscaping

One of the most famous soundscaping activities are the ones from The Nightmare Before Christmas. This is a special one, because the whole stop motion movie is based on soundscaping. They (Tim Burton the director and Danny Elfman the composer) went scene by scene editing the movie so that it matched the script and the setting they had made for the scene. Take a look in the documentary to see how they did it. It starts from 3:15:

Another great example is Star Wars. Everyone knows this soundtrack:

This is made by composer John Williams. It ads to the specific dramatic environment of the scenes and is the perfect example of soundscaping.

It’s no secret that you can getting a movie placement such as this can produce huge results. Millions of CDs and vinyl packages have been made and sold for the Star Wars universe and it just keeps selling.

It does take a lot of dedication and a lot of hard work and investment into composing for a movie like these. If you are ready to put in the work you might be the next John Williams or Danny Elfman!