Why Is Artwork So Important?

Before online streaming, artwork was a sacred object many music lovers cherished and collected. This square image painted a picture that reflected the song you were listening to.

Now it has all changed. Album artwork has been reduced down to a small square that’s hardly big enough to illustrate the feel of the music.

However, don’t mistake the artwork as not being important for a release. In actual fact, it plays an even bigger part when it comes to selling your music online and promoting it. It might not be the same as it was 20 years ago but it still carries a powerful form of representing the musician. This should be taken into consideration for each piece of music you release.

Why Does Artwork Matter for Your Music?

Your artwork is the only space you have where it’s completely up to you in what you have there. So why not give as much attention to the artwork as you do when producing your music?

No matter what type of music you create, people will create a first impression of how the music might sound by taking a look at the artwork. The artwork is a vital space to grab people’s attention and tell a story of the single or album. This one image can lead the right people to your music and turns casual listeners into you fans. However, if you create a boring in inaccurate image, it can actually have a negative impact on your sales.

Your album cover represents you. Not just for that moment of your latest release but it becomes part of your branding. It can effect who people perceive you and what they would expect to see when they visit your social media profiled or your website. Even though your music will be the ultimate presentation of you as a musician, there still needs to be a visual element to it.

So the next time you release a single or an album, make sure you take time to consider how your release will look and whether it reflects the quality of your music.

music artwork is important