Marketing Services

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Pre-Release Marketing

At Horus Music, we understand the pivotal role that pre-release marketing plays in shaping a successful release in today’s dynamic industry.

Our pre-release marketing services are designed to empower artists and labels by strategically preparing and promoting upcoming music releases. Being proactive and organised with your marketing strategies before the release date is crucial to garnering support and engaging fans effectively from day one. Trust our tailored services to ensure that your music receives the attention it deserves, setting the stage for a successful and impactful release:

Playlist Pitching
UK Radio Plugging
Digital PR
Step Into India

Post-Release Marketing

At Horus Music, our post-release marketing services are dedicated to aiding artists in maximizing their music’s impact even after the initial release.

Whether it’s supporting ongoing marketing strategies for newly released music or reigniting excitement for past releases from your catalogue, our services are here to support your endeavours. We understand the importance of sustained marketing efforts in today’s competitive music landscape. Trust our tailored post-release marketing services to rejuvenate interest, amplify visibility, and extend the lifespan of your music.

YouTube Ads
Global DJ & Radio Feedback
Indie Guide to Social Media

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