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Global Digital PR

Our low-cost flexible in-house Digital PR campaigns are designed to promote your music, reach wider audiences and find new fans.

Targeting digital media and online music sites for reviews, features, and interviews; each campaign starts 6 weeks in advance of your release date and is tailored to the genre and style of your music.

We send out personalised pitches and press releases to each of our contacts, prioritising the publications that are actively seeking your style of music. Our team will provide you with regular reports detailing who was contacted, successes and feedback with a final report being delivered at the end of your 8-week campaign.

Full Digital PR Campaign: £400

Genre Specific PR Campaign: £200

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India PR Campaign

Our Indian PR specialists offer a flexible and affordable service to increase your publicity in India for your song and music. Your music will be pitched to a network of Indian magazines, newspapers, Instagram pages, influencers, music blogs, websites and radio stations to secure premieres, interviews and features.

India PR campaigns include a Digital Press One Sheet and a campaign manager who will keep you updated as placements are secured. Music must be submitted for our team to review at least 4 weeks before the desired release date.

Campaign price starts at £400*

*Additional cost if a music video is included that requires Censor Certificate

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