Horus Music India Discusses Unlimited Distribution Service

May 16, 2024

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We have many flexible solutions for artists and labels and one of them is our Unlimited Distribution service. Here are three reasons why you should choose it:

  1. It’s economical:  Our unlimited distribution allows you to save money. Say you are an independent artist and have 3 singles to release over the next 3 months. With our unlimited package you will pay only GBP20 for all three releases. If you choose one our single package, you would end up spending GBP 75. And what’s more in three years you would have spent only GBP60!

  2. Phone Support:  All our artists are important to us, so even with the Unlimited Distribution you will get phone support Monday – Friday 11- am – 5pm. Reach us at: +919167922688.

  3. In addition, you get distribution to 200 streaming platforms in 130 countries around the world, free barcodes, ISRCs, free label name creation, and high level of customer care service.

Unlimited Distribution Service for labels too!

As labels can have multiple artists, we have introduced a sliding scale of prices based on how many artists you are distributing. This is to avoid extreme costs for larger labels. See our pricing below:

Number Of Artists Cost Per Year
Up to 2 Artists £30 per year
Up to 5 Artists £70 per year
Up to 10 Artists £120 per year
Up to 15 Artists £160 per year
Up to 20 Artists £200 per year
Up to 30 Artists £250 per year
Up to 40 Artists £300 per year
Up to 60 Artists £450 per year


You can upgrade your account at any point to add more artist profiles and you will only pay the difference between the subscription you are on and your upgrade, your renewal date will always stay the same.

If you already have an account with us please get in touch so we can place you onto the unlimited distribution model, this will only affect new releases. For anyone else looking to join us, we look forward to having you on board!

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