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November 29, 2023

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Having set up our Indian office in 2016, Horus Music is now home to thousands of artists and record labels across India. Throughout the global pandemic, we offered extra support via free playlisting to all Horus Music India artists. We saw some amazing success across editorial playlists on a range of digital platforms. This service became incredibly popular, particularly amongst independent artists across the country. With the pandemic over and our offerings returning to normal, being able to pitch music for Indian Editorial Playlists still remains one of the most sought-after services for the global music market.

As the music industry has moved even further into a digital space, Horus Music India have continued to expand our offerings. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes developing a brand-new service to meet the needs of independent artists. Introducing Unlimited Distribution PRO. Horus Music India’s exclusive new service guaranteed to take your music to the next level.

What is Unlimited Distribution PRO?

Unlimited distribution PRO is a brand-new annual subscription service exclusively available for independent artists within India. PRO artists can benefit from a combination of global distribution, editorial playlisting, direct support and an unbeatable royalty retention. Priced at just £40 per year, PRO is designed to elevate your music career by targeting key areas of the music industry. With independent artists experiencing more difficulties entering the music market without the help of a label, PRO artists are provided with more of a level playing field. Through our dedication, transparency, and superior customer service, going PRO will help set your career on the right track.

Unlimited Distribution PRO offers four essential tools for independent artists. But what exactly are their functions and how can they help you and your music?

Global Distribution

Having your music available across global digital platforms is fundamental for the success of any release. Even if your preferred platform is something like Spotify or Apple Music, you may find your fans use a different service to consume your music. Horus Music’s global distribution guarantees your music will be live on over 100 digital platforms across the world. This also means your music can reach fans based in different territories, helping to grow your digital presence exponentially. Our distribution incorporates a variety of perks, including delivering your music to social media platforms such as Meta and TikTok. With unlimited distribution PRO specifically available for Indian artists, you can also rest assured your music will be live across Indian platforms such as Wynk, Gaana, Jio Saavn and more. Our bespoke in-house technology allows for a seamless delivery process. We aim to keep things easy, quick and simple so you can focus on being creative.

Pitch Music for Indian Editorial Playlists

Playlist pitching has evolved into an incredibly useful tool for artists to help widen their audience. Your music can reach thousands of new fans by landing on a playlist on a multitude of digital platforms. At Horus Music, we have direct partnerships with key platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Wynk. Through these partnerships, we’ve worked hard to establish a host of contacts at editorial teams that allow us to pitch music for Indian Editorial Playlists. This means we can pitch your music directly to editorial curators, increasing your chances of landing playlist placement. By exclusively focusing on editorial playlists, we also protect the legitimacy of your music. A dramatic increase in fraudulent streaming has left countless artists music unsafe through third party services. Many independent playlists are now using a range of fraudulent activities such as bots to increase streams. By eliminating this and focusing strictly on editorial, you can be free of worry and see even better success for your music.

Unlimited distribution PRO focuses specifically on targeting Indian digital platforms. We will pitch your music to our contacts at stores such as Wynk, Gaana, Damroo, Jio Saavn and more. Our team will be in touch with you every step of the way, making sure to take note of any additional activities to leverage even more support. To carry out effectively, we do require a minimum of 4 weeks lead time ahead of your chosen release date. We’ve had the pleasure of supporting thousands of artists with our playlisting service including Frizzell D’Souza, Aseem and Shashaa Tirupati. You can check out some of our previous successes over on our social media here.

Direct Support

If you have worked with Horus Music before, you will know we pride ourselves on our superior customer service. Unlike many of our competitors, you can contact our team directly via email and phone. Having the ability to discuss your needs and queries with our professional and experienced team really does make all the difference. Alongside our global support, we also have several representatives within India. Our experienced local team have worked with a vast array of artists and styles across the country. With no delays due to time zones or ticketed systems, PRO artists can access expert advice and support with ease.

Unbeatable Royalty Retention

Ensuring you earn the most amount of money for your music is a top priority at Horus Music. With many distributors now offering a combined distribution and playlisting model, what makes Unlimited Distribution PRO any different? As a PRO artist, you will receive 100% of your royalties paid directly to you. Alongside this unbeatable royalty retention, you’ll also retain 100% of your rights. This means as an independent artist, you can make your music go further without surrendering any of your royalties. You’ll also receive your regular royalty pay outs on the 15th of each month. Offering pay outs via PayPal and Convera, PRO artists can easily access their royalties. Using our bespoke system, you can view and manage your analytics at the click of a button. Having this information readily available can also help to better craft your marketing strategies for future releases.

If you’re ready to go PRO, you can apply now via our online form. Your talent deserves to be heard, and Horus Music are here to listen.

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