Horus Music Announce New Partnership with Groover

July 21, 2023

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We’re delighted to have officially partnered with Groover to help provide our artists with more opportunities to promote their music. Groover offers independent artists a direct platform to submit music to a range of industry professionals, from media outlets to labels and playlist curators. We recently caught up with the team at Groover to discuss our new partnership and learn more about their services.

1. For those who aren’t familiar with your platform, please can you give us a run-down of what Groover is and how it works?

On Groover, musicians and their representatives can send their songs to the blogs, radio stations, playlisters, record companies, and music industry professionals of their choice for 2 Grooviz by curator/pro (1 Grooviz is equal to €1).

You’re guaranteed that your music will be heard and that the contacts you have selected from a list of 2,000+ currently active ones will provide written feedback on it within 7 days. If not, you get your Grooviz back to reach out to additional curators & pros!

On the flip side, the curators and music professionals that range from media outlets to recognised playlists, choose whether they want to feature your track. In 5 years, more than 3 million pieces of feedback have been given to over 250k+ artists, triggering over 500k+ shares & opportunities, and more than 1,000 signatures on record labels. Those numbers are currently growing very fast!

2. What are the benefits of Groover for independent artists?

Groover eliminates the barriers that previously hindered artists from connecting with industry professionals. Previously, artists faced significant challenges in reaching out to different professionals to achieve their goals. But today, thanks to Groover, we’ve seen that these barriers have been broken and are allowing artists to flourish in a way they couldn’t have before.

The current response rate on Groover stands at approximately 90%. This means that if an artist sends a campaign to 40 contacts, they can expect around 36 responses. You might be curious about the type of feedback artists can expect. All curators and professionals on Groover must adhere to a charter and certain principles. They are expected to provide informative, constructive, and sincere feedback that is benevolent and encouraging, ensuring that artists gain valuable insights from the feedback they receive.

On top of this, curators and professionals have the option to share the tracks they receive or directly get in touch with the artists. On average, this occurs in about 20-25% of the cases, though it varies depending on the quality of the music and the accuracy of targeting.

3. Through our new-found partnership, what can Horus Music artists expect when utilising your services?

In addition to using the Groover platform to promote your music to the curators & pros of your choice, get your music listened to, receive guaranteed feedback and push your exposure,  Horus Music artists can benefit from an exclusive 15% discount code GROOVERHORUS15VIP on their first campaign! This special offer is extended to our valued partners irrespective of where the artists are based in the world. We’re looking forward to seeing Horus Music artists find success on Groover.

4. How does Groover work for artists based in different territories, in particular for our artists located in Brazil, Nigeria and India?

These 3 markets hold significant weight in the global industry. Artists from these countries not only have a wide international presence but are also in high demand thanks to the large diaspora communities they have in various regions.

Brazil, in particular, stands as one of our top 5 countries boasting over 200+ Brazilian curators on Groover. While India and Nigeria are considered emerging markets on our platform, we currently have a community of over 7,000+ artists from both countries using Groover successfully. This is a great indication that their music can grow way beyond the borders of their countries.

5. Can you give us 3 top tips on how our artists can make the most out of Groover to help elevate their careers?

Firstly, we highly recommend that artists establish clear objectives. It is crucial for them to precisely define what they aim to achieve on Groover. Are they looking to feature on playlists? Get some media coverage? Hunt for labels? The more information they provide, the better Groover works for them.

Secondly, we have noticed that campaigns which are sent to over 50-100 curators (around €100-200 invested) tend to be the most successful. With a 90% answer rate from our curators and a 20% acceptance rate, this minimum level of spending seems to be the sweet spot at this moment in time. You can find more information about the ideal budget to invest on Groover here.

Finally, we take great pride in the articles on our blog. It is regularly updated with insightful tips about how to improve your career and music, either through articles our team of experts has written or thanks to the words of our partners.

Want to try Groover out? Horus users can now enjoy a 15% discount. Sign up on Groover and use the code GROOVERHORUS15VIP (more explanations on how to apply the special discount here).

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