Why Should I Trust Horus Music?

August 31, 2015

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Some of you may be wondering why Horus Music is the right choice for your music. It is true that we aren’t the “biggest” distribution company out there and granted there are some ‘phoneys’ that you should be wary of. However, in our decade of service we’ve learned a lot about giving our clients the best distribution service possible. We will continue to put artists first. These are the reasons why you should trust Horus Music.

We are a UK registered company that is legally bound by company laws and transparency. Many other companies are not registered and therefore are unable to give you the correct legal protection. Here at Horus Music – the majority of our staff are musicians and have an extensive background in management, publishing and working within labels. We pride ourselves in being truthful, straight talking and helpful – we keep our customers informed. We strive to be a very accessible and personal service, ensuring artists get the best out of our services.

Horus Music was established in 2006 and our representatives regularly attend the Independent & International committees of the BPI, as well as attending many various training events to ensure that our staff are consistently and continually up to date on the latest developments. Since 2006, Horus Music has also been a yearly member of the Brit Awards Voting Academy.

Trust Horus Music

As a music distribution and label services company, we help artists of all abilities achieve their goals and ambitions. We are successful in digital and physical music distribution – selling your music to hundreds of stores around the world. We also offer music synchronisation via our publishing division, live music promotions, radio promotions, playlisting promotion and marketing.

Our company is run by music professionals and enthusiasts who enjoy music and help artists to achieve their ambitions. We have fantastic connections and music partners around the world, which we believe gives our artists the best possible opportunities they could ask for.

Still not convinced? Well, we’re here to put all your worries to rest. Contact us now for more information and sign up for our services to see for yourself why you should trust Horus Music.

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