Unlimited Distribution: What It Is and How It Works

September 28, 2018

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What is Unlimited Distribution?

Compared to our previous ‘per release’ packages, unlimited distribution works differently. Rather than paying a fee for each release, unlimited allows you to distribute as many releases as you want, for a set yearly subscription fee. Don’t limit your creativity, with a yearly fee you will always know what the cost is and so you’re free to create until your heart’s content! If you take out an artist subscription for example, it’s just £20 a year and you can distribute as many releases as you wish. Lots of our competitors charge over this amount just to release 1 album. This is all whilst receiving 100% of the royalties for your music and retaining all of your rights.

How Does It Work for artists?

Through our Client Zone, you can upload a release as you normally would, and purchase a subscription package for your profile when submitting to us. This fee is renewable each year, meaning if you release multiple albums in a year, you would only pay £20, whereas previously you would pay each time you want to release something.

If you buy a subscription in October 2018 then you will not be asked to renew your subscription until October 2019. As long as you don’t cancel your subscription with us then your releases will remain online and you will earn 100 percent of the royalties from over 200 different platforms all over the world!

What About Labels?

As labels can have multiple artists, we have introduced a sliding scale of prices based on how many artists you are distributing. This is to avoid extreme costs for larger labels. See our pricing below:

Unlimited distribution – £20
Unlimited distribution for up to 2 artists – £30
Unlimited distribution for up to 5 artists – £70
Unlimited distribution for up to 10 artists – £120
Unlimited distribution for up to 15 artists – £160
Unlimited distribution for up to 20 artists – £200
Unlimited distribution for up to 30 artists – £250
Unlimited distribution for up to 40 artists – £300
Unlimited distribution for up to 41+ artists (Contact us for a quote

You can upgrade your account at any point to add more artist profiles

and you will only pay the difference between the subscription you are on and your upgrade, your renewal date will always stay the same.

Why Choose Us?

If you are new to Horus Music, you may be wondering why you should choose us over other distributors. In addition to our great rates, there are many extras we don’t charge for that our competitors do. Here are some of those extras, as well as a few other reasons you should use us to distribute your next release:

Free pre-orders
Free Barcodes and ISRC’s
Distribution to Asia including China
Playlist Pitching
Distribution to dance stores at no extra cost
Free label name creation
Multi-User login’s to the system

YouTube and SoundCloud monetisation included 
Phone support

If you already have an account with us please get in touch so we can place you onto the unlimited distribution model, this will only affect new releases. For anyone else looking to join us, we look forward to having you on board!

Please pick the subscription you want here.

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