Why you need a music publisher as an independent artist

April 19, 2024

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As an independent artist, having a music publisher can make a major difference to your music career. If you are looking to increase your music revenue or wanting to have more time to get creative, a music publisher can help elevate your career in several ways.  

What is a Music Publisher?

Firstly, it is important to understand exactly what a music publisher is. When you compose and write music, there are 2 types of copyright created. The first is the master recording copyright, which concerns the recording of the specific track. The second is the composition or publishing copyright. This covers all elements of how the song was written, from the melody to harmonies and lyrics. 

A music publisher like Horus Music Publishing collects the publishing royalties generated from the composition copyright. This is a vital source of revenue which is often left unclaimed. Horus Music Publishing collects these royalties through our direct partnerships with Performance Rights Organisations (PROs) and collection societies in over 86 countries. 

So why is having a music publisher beneficial for you?  

Earn More Money for Your Music

Ensuring your publishing admin is uploaded correctly can make a significant difference to your music income. Horus Music Publishing offers an administrative service which is available to songwriters and publishers at all levels. Starting at just £3 per month, you can maximise your income and ensure no money is left on the table. Horus Music Publishing is simple and easy to use, with an intuitive site we have designed in-house. Our own custom-built technology means we have been able to make direct connections on a global scale. This enables us to efficiently collect and pay you your publishing royalties and easily increase your music income.  Publishing royalties can often be a very lucrative source of income. By registering your music with a publisher, your additional income can be used to record your next big hit and make your music a sustainable source of income.  

Have More Protection for Your Songs

As a songwriter, registering your compositions with a music publisher offers more protection of your intellectual property. Its best practice to have all your metadata written down and registered with a music publisher. This is to ensure nobody else can claim they wrote your song or composed your melodies.   Horus Music Publishing allows you to register your songs in one easy submission process. If you’re a distribution client of Horus Music already, you can also pull in metadata of your master recordings. This means everything you need is available in one place.  

Only Pay for One Subscription

By signing up with a music publisher, you will only need to register your song once. This means you do not need to register multiple times with different PRO’s. Our system will automatically send details of your songs to all of our partners around the world. This is a much more cost-effective service as you only need to subscribe to your music publisher, rather than paying several flat fees for each PRO. Additionally, some PRO’s have membership criteria which can be difficult to meet. By registering your music with Horus Music Publishing, you will automatically have access to these partners. Less admin work means you can spend more time being creative 

Why Horus Music Publishing?

Although some music publishers have restrictions on who they will work with, at Horus Music Publishing we are open to artists and songwriters of all genres. Whether you’re a fully established artist or just getting started, you can create your profile and start collecting your royalties straight away. There is no minimum threshold or other restrictions, we welcome songwriters and publishers at all levels of their career, genre and location. No matter what kind of music you make or where you’re based, we can help you make the most money from your songs. 


To take your career to the next level, you can start your music publishing journey today with Horus Music Publishing.  


To create a songwriter profile, click here.

If you’re in a band or you’re a publisher working on behalf of several songwriters, you can create your publisher profile here.


If you have any questions about the benefits of signing up to Horus Music Publishing or need any assistance with getting your profile set up, you can email our dedicated team at publishing@horusmusic.global 

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