Artist and Label Services

Artist and Label Services

Horus Music’s Custom Music Tools are designed for independent forward-thinking artists and labels that are at a tipping point in their career.

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Why Custom Tools?

You've earned yourself or your artist an established fanbase and have a growing number of streams, this is where Custom Music Tools comes in to offer a guiding hand, pushing you to the next level.

You're provided with a designated account manager to discuss your unique needs and campaign strategy for your releases. We work together on a percentage basis with no upfront fees, so we don't grow unless you do and invest our time, expertise and resources into helping you succeed.

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Horus Music continues to empower independent artists by offering advances to further their careers offset against streaming royalties only.

Unlock money (up to 8 times your annual streaming income) to promote a new album, playlist an upcoming single, film a music video, or book studio time.

Advances from Horus Music are available to:

Customise your deal to suit you in terms of length, music content, and monthly income levels. All whilst retaining 100% ownership of your masters and publishing.

Advance funding is released in just a few days, it really is that simple.

Get control back in your hands with an advance from Horus Music.

Playlist Pitching & Marketing

Our international 6-week playlist pitching service is available for free to all CMT clients. We will pitch your releases to not only all the major DSPs, but also to independent curators across numerous platforms.

We've built key relationships with editorial teams and curators and we have a 90% success rate of getting artists playlisted. Many of our artist and label services team are also playlist editorial curators of different genres on digital platforms such as Spotify, Boomplay and JioSaavn. We will also promote you across our social media channels.

Custom Music Tools from Horus Music Distribution empowers independent artists

Technology for Artists and Labels

We know that not one person alone can survive in the music industry and so our unique technology lets you get your whole team involved in the distribution process. Managing your account is easy with multiple profile users to provide everyone involved in the release process with different levels of access to the system such as managers, co-writers and colleagues.

We believe in transparency for artists and give labels the ability to input the royalty splits they have with their artists, doing away with the need for expensive royalty accounting software as this is all built into our system and available for free. Labels also get multiple artist profiles to keep things separate for ease of accounting.

Exclusive Opportunities

As a Custom Music Tools client, you're provided exclusive opportunities such as the opportunity for your or your artists to perform at numerous showcase events throughout the year. We also work with many third-parties offering discounts on services and as one of our high-profile artists/labels you're given exclusive access to these.

Benefits include working with other marketing services and providing you with invitations to music industry conferences across the globe.

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