Getting paid from the streaming platforms: How much and when?

Several sources will give an estimated figure based on the current climate, but in truth there is no way to tell how much one stream will generate. This is because the royalty rate per stream depends on several factors.

A few factors which affect a royalty rate:

  • The listener’s location: the platforms pay a different royalty rate country by country. This means that a stream from a listener in the UK would produce a different amount to a stream from a listener in India.
  • Whether the listener is using a free account or they are a premium subscriber: if they are using a free account, royalties will be generated from the advertisements they are shown. Listeners with a premium account pay a subscription, usually monthly, which contributes to royalties.
  • How long the listener plays the track: Spotify and Apple Music will only count a stream if the listener plays a track for over 30 seconds, so if they listen for less time a royalty will not be generated.
  • The rate we have negotiated with streaming platforms: we pride ourselves on negotiating the best deal possible for our clients. In a recent Ari’s Take article, Horus Music was noted as the distributor paying the most for Apple Music streams in the US and Brazil, and also the most for Spotify streams in Brazil.

When you will get paid also varies from platform to platform. They each have different accounting processes, meaning some stores pay faster than others. Please see below for an estimate of how long each platform takes to account to Horus Music. It is only when we have received these accounts that we will be able to pay you and provide reports in the Analytics section of MyClientZone.

  • iTunes: 2 months
  • Amazon: 3 months
  • Spotify: 3 months
  • YouTube: 3 months
  • Deezer: 3 months

Please note that these are estimated times and may vary.

To ensure you are paid as efficiently as possible, it is important that your details are correct on MyClientZone. We pay out royalties through Western Union or PayPal. If you are based in the UK, we suggest you choose Western Union as they do not take a cut, but the choice is yours. Our accounts team aim to pay out royalties on the 15th of each month, and you can check how much you’re owed by going to Payments in MyClientZone.