Music Industry Associations: What They Do and How They Can Help You

Music industry associations do a lot of great work on behalf of their members ensuring they have a voice and their concerns are heard and acknowledged by the government and the media. These associations exist to represent their members and provide valuable insight for outsiders and Music Industry rookies.

There are more relevant to the UK, but similar options in India are available.

Music Managers Forum (MMF)

The Music Managers Forum (MMF) is the UK’s largest forum for musicians / artist managers. Run by a dedicated small team, the MMF runs training sessions and gives helpful support to both established and new managers. The MMF provides a tight knit community and hold social networking events where members can meet up for a chat about their individual concerns and build useful relationships with other music industry professionals.

Performance Rights Society (PRS For Music)

If you are a songwriter or composer, it is crucial that you are a member of PRS for Music. If you are not already a member you may be missing out on mechanical royalties from radio plays, iTunes / digital downloads or if your music has been placed on a CD or any other device. It is possible for PRS to trace some royalties back a few months but its better to sign up now than miss out on royalties you are owed.

PRS is what is known as a collection society, with the sole purpose of collecting royalties for their members. PRS represent songwriters, composers and music publishers offering licenses for copyrighted music on behalf of their members. Royalties earned are then shared out to the artist.

Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL)

Are you a performer on a recording that is available for sale or played on the radio?  If yes, you should be a member of the PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited). Its free and PPL collect extensively around the world on behalf of their artists.

PPL represents artists on recordings that have had no part in the songwriting process, yet still provide their musicianship to the track in the form of performance.

The Association of Independent Music (AIM)

Home to hundreds of independent labels and artists, AIM provides extensive support, training, opportunities and voice to the independent artist. AIM has been paramount in making sure the voices of independent labels are heard. As with the MMF, AIM frequently hosts useful talks, networking events and discussions about current trends and affairs in and around the Music Industry.

The British Recording Industry (BPI)

The BPI represents the four major record companies and hundreds of independent record labels across the United Kingdom.  The BPI is also part owner of the UK Official Charts Company and organiser of the Brits awards. Members of the BPI are eligible to cast votes on the artists who are up for awards at the ceremony. The BPI also holds talks, training events and networking opportunities. Amongst other opportunities, the BPI offer their members discounted rates to huge music conventions like MIDEM.