Kailash Kher – Spiritual Release Reaches Million Streams

Case Study: Kailash Kher’s Record Breaking Release ‘Shivoham’.

Release Date: 14th August 2017

Activity: Album release and distribution

Key Outcomes: Hungama Spotlight show and 1 million+ streams

How We Did It

In August 2017 we worked with Indian pop star and Bollywood playback singer Kailash Kher on the distribution of his spiritual album “Shivoham”. Kailash has released several solo albums and is known for his Sufi singing style that has gained him a large fanbase across India.

He has sung in 18 languages for regional films, sung over 300 songs in his Bollywood career and has received various prestigious awards during his film and music career. We worked with Kailash to distribute his album to our network of over 200 stores and platforms all over the world.

Store Partnership

Working with one of our stores, a leading Indian music platform called Hungama, we negotiated for Kailash to release his album “Shivoham” exclusively on Hungama for a week and for him to perform a live set at the Hungama Spotlight stage. Hungama was well suited to Kailash as it holds a vast collection of Indian music and is accessible to over 157 million subscribers, mainly in India where Kailash is a popular celebrity.

This exclusive deal meant that Kailash’s music gained notable popularity on Hungama by being only available to its listeners before the albums full release date.

This led to Kailash’s album being streamed over a record-breaking 1 million times, which is the highest ever amount of streams for a spiritual album.

This goes to show just how much room for success their is when distributing your music internationally. If Kailash had released his music on only the main music platforms such as iTunes and Spotify, then his music would’ve been available worldwide, but it wouldn’t have been available on the popular local platforms. This is why at Horus Music we work with the large multi-national platforms as well as more local platforms as they have opened up more possibilities for clients like Kailash by allowing them to infiltrate massive markets with untapped potential.

Global Distribution

Make the most of our Global Distribution

Sign up today for global distribution and you could see your release alongside Kailash Kher’s in India and around the world.

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